Rescheduling important SPDX General Meeting

Philip Odence

The Feb 5 meeting will be postponed 1 week to Thurs. Feb 12. (outside US, note that US will be on daylight savings time next week so the call will be an hour off of normal for you).

The main thrust of the call will be to answer questions about the SPDX 2.0 Spec. We’ll do a very compressed version of the team updates and spend most of the time discussing questions about the new spec and the license list (which has also gone through significant change). 

IMPORTANT: See the instructions below the meeting agenda and the attached copy of the spec, and please take time to review the spec in advance of the meeting. 

Lastly, unfortunately, I have a conflict, so Kate will chair.




Meeting Time: Thurs, Feb12, 8am PDT / 10 am CDT / 11am EDT / 15:00 UTC.

Conf call dial-in:
Conference code:  7812589502
Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada):  (877) 435-0230
International dial-in number: (253) 336-6732
For those dialing in from other regions, a list of toll free numbers can be found:

Administrative Agenda

Technical Team Report - Kate

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

Business Team Report – Jack

Cross Functional Issues – 2.0 Spec and License List Review - Kate


Greetings SPDX Community,


We are pleased to announce that the penultimate version of the SPDX 2.0 Specification and the new  SPDX License List are ready for community review.  With 2.0 there have been great strides forwards in the expressiveness of an SPDX document through relationships and the license expression syntax.


There will be a general question and answer session on these at the March 12th General Meeting.   Any comments regarding the material below should be submitted no later than March 23rd as directed below. We are hoping to finalize the material and officially release it at the April 2nd General Meeting. This should allow you plenty of time to do a thorough review. 


Background Information


For an overview of the  2.0 requirements you may read this


The Use Cases are documented on the Technical team wiki at


For a presentation given at LinuxCollab in February 2015 on changes to the specification go here. It’s a nice overview.


Specification Review Material


SPDX 2.0 Specification, dated 20150303 is attached to this email as a PDF for your convenience.     The same file is also available at

as SPDX-2.0rc3.pdf


The technical team would prefer comments were made in the google doc located at

Comments may also be directed to the technical team mailing list at mailto: spdx-tech@... . You will need to be a member of the list to send an email.

The schema for the RDF can be found at .

The model diagram can be found at The model is a great way to see how all the old and new pieces fit together.



The tools for the 2.0 Specification are located in the SPDX GIT repository.


To try them, you will need to download the source and build them.  You can access the repository here:;a=snapshot;h=refs/heads/develop;sf=tgz


Instructions on building the tools can be found in the file in the root directory of the source tree here:;a=blob_plain;;hb=5efe1f1e4727d7d7be48488225b68c65e71b84b9and here:


SPDX License List


The SPDX License List v2.0-rc3 and  can be reviewed at .  Due to the adoption of the License Expression Syntax, license exceptions have their own sub-list and some licenses have been deprecated.  Information for all of this can be linked to from this page.


The master files for the license list can be found here:;a=summary


General information about the SPDX License List can be found here:


The Matching Guidelines can be found here:


Feedback is welcome and can be sent to: spdx-legal@...  . You will need to be a member of the list to send an email.


Best regards,


SPDX Technical, Legal and Business Teams

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