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Sameer Ahmed

Hi Nuno,

Thank you for your feedback. I will accommodate your feedback in the next release.

Feel free to adopt the LQI concept. We would like it to be adopted by the community.

If you have more feedback, you can directly contact me or at spdx@...

Sameer Ahmed

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Hi Sameer,

I'm happy to see a new release, the improvements are good.

I like the LQI acronym/concept as I've also been using a similar graphical license indicator as seen on

Perhaps you wouldn't mind if I also adopt the same acronym for this kind of metric?

Some feedback:
- The graphs look very big on a desktop browser, perhaps the page was designed for tablet browsing?
- On the "Flags" tab one sees Documentation files including .png images.
Perhaps the correct flag would be "Images"?

If there is a bug tracker somewhere, perhaps I can post these items there.

btw. I find the "Meta Information Files" tab very useful as a quick reference to know where to look inside the package.

Very useful tool, thanks for sharing.

With kind regards,
Nuno Brito

On 09/11/2014 04:24 AM, Ahmed, Sameer wrote:

I would like to announce the availability of *X-Ray*, Wind River's
latest free SPDX reporting service available at*.
X-Ray* delivers SPDX data in a very human friendly presentation that

*Bar and pie charts that highlight overlooked license information

*Tables illustrating license counts, percentages and classifications

*License Quality Index (LQI) - a measurement of a package's license
management effort

*SPDX data in an easy to read spreadsheet format

*The raw SPDX file in the standard Name/Value format

An example X-Ray report came be found here for the cairo-1.10.2 package:

To receive free SPDX X-Ray reports you can upload a package (or
select example packages) at:



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