SPDX License List v1.20 is now LIVE!!

J Lovejoy

On behalf of the SPDX Legal Team, I’m thrilled to announce that SPDX License List v1.20 is now live.  You can find the updated web pages in the usual spot, http://spdx.org/licenses/, which also includes a link to the “raw” master files on Git.

This release includes the largest number of new licenses - 91 added to be exact - that we’ve ever done and represents some tireless (and sometimes tedious) work on the part of the SPDX Legal Team.  The majority of the licenses added are from a review of the Fedora license list (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing:Main?rd=Licensing#Good_Licenses) to identify licenses on Fedora’s list that were not on the SPDX License List.  In the future, we will post a short identifier conversion table to map where the SPDX short identifiers and Fedora short identifiers differ.  Formatting has also been improved for the license text to appear more consistent and readable on the web pages.  

As always, if anyone catches any errors or omissions, please let us know (but perhaps, wait a couple days to give everyone a chance to celebrate first :)

Here’s to all the hard work and a total of 306 licenses!!


Jilayne Lovejoy & Paul Madick
SPDX Legal Team co-leads

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