Re: Help converting Fedora license IDs to SPDX format

Philip Odence

I¹m moving you from the general SPDX list to the legal team. We are
actually in the middle of marching through the Fedora licenses and are
happy to work with you on this. You should be hearing shortly from someone
on our legal team.
Phil Odence
SPDX Chair

On 5/2/14, 7:53 AM, "Richard Hughes" <hughsient@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I hope I'm asking in the right place, if not please disregard this
message. When writing AppStream metadata I'm required to convert the
existing Fedora license tag to an SPDX-compatible string so it can be
made into a hyperlink and be clickable. Most license IDs are either
the same, or map between one and the other with a small fudge factor,
but I'm having problems finding SPDX licences for a few Fedora IDs.

The fedora license ID's that probably should map to something (ideas

* Afmparse
* AGPLv3 with exceptions
* AGPLv3+ with exceptions
* libtiff
* mecab-ipadic
* Mup
* OpenPBS
* softSurfer
* Teeworlds
* TORQUEv1.1
* Vim
* XSkat
* Baekmuk
* Bitstream Vera
* Crystal Stacker
* Liberation
* MgOpen
* mplus

There are a few things that don't make sense, e.g.
* Public Domain
* Copyright only
* Freely redistributable without restriction
* Redistributable, no modification permitted

If anyone knows of any existing SPDX IDs suitable for any of the
above, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

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