Help converting Fedora license IDs to SPDX format

Richard Hughes

Hi all,

I hope I'm asking in the right place, if not please disregard this
message. When writing AppStream metadata I'm required to convert the
existing Fedora license tag to an SPDX-compatible string so it can be
made into a hyperlink and be clickable. Most license IDs are either
the same, or map between one and the other with a small fudge factor,
but I'm having problems finding SPDX licences for a few Fedora IDs.

The fedora license ID's that probably should map to something (ideas welcome!):

* Afmparse
* AGPLv3 with exceptions
* AGPLv3+ with exceptions
* libtiff
* mecab-ipadic
* Mup
* OpenPBS
* softSurfer
* Teeworlds
* TORQUEv1.1
* Vim
* XSkat
* Baekmuk
* Bitstream Vera
* Crystal Stacker
* Liberation
* MgOpen
* mplus

There are a few things that don't make sense, e.g.
* Public Domain
* Copyright only
* Freely redistributable without restriction
* Redistributable, no modification permitted

If anyone knows of any existing SPDX IDs suitable for any of the
above, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.


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