Re: TripleCheck 0.4

Nuno Brito

Hi Jack,

I'd like to follow-up on this message if possible, the points from the requirement list were quoted to place my answers in context.

The tool must currently support SPDX (i.e. it is not a planned release).

You have a page on your website that describes how the tool supports SPDX. This will be the link you provide in the Required Information below.

Whether this is a community or commercial tool.
Community. Contributions from other developers interested in submitting additional license detection rules and fix defects are warmly welcome through github or email.

To clarify, I use this software on commercial practice to "scratch my own itch" [1] in the open source way of doing things.

A small logo which can be displayed. This is optional. If provided it must meet the following criteria
Attached to this message you find a TripleCheck with 251x122px as specified in the criteria

A short teaser of one or two sentences that describes your tool. No more than 160 characters including spaces
Straight-forward free tool to create SPDX reports right from your desktop.

A long description which can be up to a couple of paragraphs. Try not to get too verbose. You will have a link to your website for lengthy explanations.
The TripleCheck reporter is the ideal tool for a quick overlook of the licensing compliance status for a given set of source code files in your desktop computer (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX). If some license or copyright is not detected by the tool, you can easily add new rules by yourself. We are building a community around open source tooling and your help is welcome to grow the open database of licensing rules. Look for us on GitHub.

An http link to your site for access to the tool and information on how it supports SPDX.

The current version of the tool is 0.6 so perhaps is better to omit version references and just call the tool "TripleCheck reporter". If there is anything else needed, please do let me know.

Just in case, I have prepared a short video showcasing the tool that you find at

With kind regards,
Nuno Brito


email: nuno.brito@...
phone: +49 615 146 03187

On 2014-03-31 20:44, Manbeck, Jack wrote:
This is great news. I would like to list the tool on the SPDX website.
If you agree here is a link to the information I need. You can email
it to me direct and I can post it on the business team list if you do
not have access.
best regards,
Jack Manbeck
SPDX Site Admin and Business Team Co-Chair

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