Re: Google Summer of Code 2014: There are 4 student applications but no mentors registered


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I have sent Till the email addresses for Gary and Matt and notified them....Michael Herzog

On 3/28/2014 5:25 PM, Till Kamppeter wrote:

I am Till Kamppeter, leader of OpenPrinting, and org admin for the GSoC
at the Linux Foundation.

We got 4 student applications on SPDX at the Linux Foundation.
Unfortunately no suitable mentor has signed up and no one of us is able
to evaluate these applications.

On the project ideas list

Gary O'Neall and Matt Germonprez appear as available mentors but no
e-mail addresses to contact them.

if you are not Gary or Matt, please forward this to them. It is very

Gary, Matt (or if someone else wants to volunteer), if you are reading
this, please register as mentor going to

Near the bottom is photo with many people on it and under it the text

Mentors & Administrators
Registration with participating organizations is now open.

and an orange button labeled "Start connection". Click the button,
follow the instructions, and choose "The Linux Foundation" as your
mentoring organization.

As soon as I see your request I will approve it and then you have access
to the applications. If you want to mentor a student, set the switch
"Wish to mentor" in this application to "YES". I will assign you then
and accept that application, making it eligible for getting a student
slot in this GSoC.

Tell me also which applications are not usable so that I can mark them
as to be ignored.

I have to know the number of applications to accept before April 7. So
register as soon as possible so that you have time to read and evaluate
the applications and also to interact with the students.

Thanks in advance.

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