TripleCheck 0.4

Nuno Brito

Dear SPDX group,

I'd like to announce the availability of a new SPDX editor/viewer.


- Create an SPDX document from:
-- a source code folder on disk
-- a zipped file on the network

- User interface:
-- Desktop UI
-- Access from a web browser

- Java based (tested under Windows and Linux)
- Tree navigation of files and folders
- Search features (name, hash, similar files)
- Basic SPDX editing features
- Metrics calculation (LOC, size, number of files)
- Basic license detection (detects GPL, LGPL, ...) headers in source code
- Learning function (supports plugins, new licenses, ...)

The tool is freeware, code is released under the open source EUPL.

These are the first editions, many defects are present that we'll be addressing in the upcoming months. If you have any requests or would like to report a defect, just write us back an email.

At the moment only the tag/value format is supported. On our context there wasn't much demand for supporting the XML version. An SPDX document generated by our tool writes more information that what the standard prescribes. For example, we include the hashes for other algorithms because they help us finding trails of specific files across the web.

This tool is useful if you need a quick way to visually generate an SPDX document from a set of files on your disk. We were already developing this kind of tools in the past for forensic analysis purposes, moved recently to embrace the SPDX format.

For more details and download, please visit

With kind regards,
Nuno Brito

email: nuno.brito@...
phone: +49 615 146 03187

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