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Well the status for Alcatel-Lucent is
1) we officially use the standard naming of FOSS license internally, but perhaps have not changed all our processes, documents and the knowhow of ALU people on this but our trainings, our FOSS internal DB are aligned. (And even me, I speak about BSD2 license or new BSD rather than BSD3-clause license)
2) our internal tools are able to exchange information under SPDX format (some still need to be aligned). Now people use more excel format than XML one when they discuss things 8-) So SPDX/XML is more for machines; Concerning our contracts with suppliers we are asking Excel format and mention SPDX format. It took years to convince them to provide us the list under something easy to treat by computers (Excel rather than ASCI files or url on their web site where we can find the information; We will go to the next step but smoothly

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All, if you are willing to add you organization's name to the list of those using SPDX, please either add to the adoption wiki page or drop a note to Jack and Mikael.


Thanks for the inquiry. First let me tell you we don¹t have perfect knowledge. We have gotten to the point that there is enough information available on the Website that one can utilize the spec without having to be involved or ask questions and we know that there are many companies working with SPDX, but either consciously or unconsciously are not sharing that info.

That said, about 6 months ago we started a wiki page to capture what we know, at least about companies that were willing to have their activity known. We know that the info was not complete at the time and surely it has fallen behind a bit.


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Dear all,

is there a location for information on companies that have adopted SPDX.
I was not able have access to this information (if available) from the
specification website.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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