Re: [GSOC] SPDX Parser libraries project

Philip Odence

This is great, Ahmed.
I¹m transferring this thread to the SPDX Tech Team list from the General
mailing list.

On 3/8/14, 11:23 PM, "ahi" <ahm3d.hisham@...> wrote:

First allow me to introduce myself, My name is Ahmed Hisham I am
currently a CS student at the German University in Cairo. I hope to
spend the summer working on the SPDX parser libraries project list on
the idea page at

I have a couple of questions about the project, regarding what version
of the spec is it expected to support.
Should it support older version than the current spec ?
Should it partially support the upcoming spec 2.0 ? If so is there a
publicly available working draft?
I say partially as the spec is expected to be release in august and by
then the summer of code will be at its end.

Best Regards,
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