SPDX Announcements

Philip Odence

I am pleased to announce that Paul Madick and Mikael Söderberg will be joining the leadership of SPDX. Paul will co-lead the Legal Team with Jilayne, and Mikael will be Jack's co-lead on the Business Team. Both are terrific additions to the organization and we are excited to welcome them aboard.

Paul is an experienced open source attorney serving as Senior Counsel in HP's Cloud Computing & Open Source group in the Office of the General Counsel  and has already been a regular contributor to the Legal Team. Mikael is CTO and founder of Pelagicore where he has been an evangelist for the use of open source in automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment systems. Based in Sweden, Mikael is keen to build awareness of SPDX in Europe. 

Big thanks to Scott Lamons for his work as Business Team co-lead. He's been a big contributor to the effort for years, and it's been a personal pleasure for me to work with him. The good news is that Scott plans to stay active, so this is not farewell by any means.

On more operational notes: 
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