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On Wednesday the OMG held a meeting on standardisation issues between organizations on FOSS issues.

It was a kick-off meeting on the topic

I would like to invite you to be part of the discussion if interested.

To do so you need to send an email to request@... to be part of the FOSS OMG mailing list

Bellow is an email of Richard Soley CEO of OMG


On Wednesday 11 December, the OMG hosted a FOSS Licensing Standards Workshop at the OMG Technical Meeting in Santa Clara, California. 
There was significant discussion about the need for new model-based standards (as well as best practices standards) in the area of FOSS licensing.

The areas in which discussion centered, taking into account as much as possible existing standards such as SPDX, included:

  • To kick off the discussion, a reminder of the areas of consideration for new standards, taking into account and using as much as possible existing standards such as SPDX:
  • best practices for choosing a license and potentially agreeing on standard legal FOSS clauses
  • professional certification of FOSS licensing usage
  • capturing FOSS IP information in a Wikipedia-style database
  • agreeing standard contract clauses to lower the cost of supplier/customer relationships, M&A, etc.
  • standardizing unique software identifiers to support the automation of cross-organization identification of licenses & software

The agenda for the day, including presentation materials used, is at

        -- Richard


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