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Good, David <dgood@...>


I’ve just gotten started looking at generating SPDX files for our WindRiver Linux-based project.

Wind River gave us a bunch of SPDX files in the form of Excel spreadsheets,

but I need to generate some more, so I was looking at the tools here.


Before splattering things into bugzilla, I thought I’d ask about proper channels.


Should this all be in the Technical newsgroup?


1) On the tools -> Tag to RDF page, the offered download of 1.1.7 actually gives one 1.1.17

     Is there a webmaster to contact?


2) I generated a tag file using the WindRiver cloud service,

and running TagToRdf version 1.1.17 reports:

                unrecognized SPDX Tag: LicenseListVersion

It was easy to work-around this, I just commented out the line

                LicenseListVersion: 1.18

(or is TagToRdf expecting LicenseListVersion: 1.17 ?)

If I look on the Licenses page, the current version is 1.18, but there doesn’t appear to

be any history of previous versions of the license list?  What changed from 1.17 to 1.18?

Is LicenseListVersion an invalid tag?  or is TagToRdf wrong?


3) The latest version of RdfToSpreadsheet is 1.1.3,

and running it on the output of TagToRdf reports:

                SPDX-1.2 is not supported by this version of the rdf parser

It did appear to work.

Are there plans to update RdfToSpreadsheet to handle SPDX-1.2?

Is the tool disconnect worthy of bugzilla?





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