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Alcatel-Lucent is using the SPDX standard internally and we have aligned all our internal documents on FOSS (including trainings) and our Databases on the license taxonomy of SPDX. So I guess you can mention our name for license taxonomy compliance.

A small comment on the taxonomy. We have a governance process in place since 10 years and I have now to explain to people (already trained as experts, that's around 250+ people) that what we were calling old BSD or BSD1 is now BSD4-clause and new BSD or BSD2 is now BSD3-clause. That's sometimes a bit confusing 8-). Even me I am a bit confused sometimes.

So today for BSD, in document and trainings we keep the 3 way of calling the licenses

I would like to point out that there is a big issue with the SPDX standard.
For a given FOSS there is a top level license
And there is a file level license
There is no intermediate level

In fact there are 3 levels for open sources
Top level license of the FOSS
Dependencies (FOSS which are included with the top level FOSS)
File level license (not use in practice by any of our suppliers).
This is something that SPDX should address

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You can include Texas Instruments as well.


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Hi Phil

REQUEST for immediate action:
Jilayne, Scott and I are working on a paper for law journal (IFOSSLR). In one section we are talking about the license list. We have heard anecdotally about some companies that are using the short names and list for internal purposes even if they have not yet implemented SPDX overall. If your company is using SPDX in this way, we'd like to include the name of your company in a sentence, something along the lines of:
A number of companies, such as X, Y and Z, are already using the license list and short names internally.
Please get back to me if we can include your company on the list. We are trying to wrap up the article next week, so a response in the next few days would be appreciated.
Yes, we are using the license list internally at Siemens. You can add us to the list as well.

All the best!

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