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Armijn Hemel <armijn@...>

On Mon, 2010-09-13 at 08:09 -0400, Philip Odence wrote:
Thanks, Soeren. I believe in my memo (just to you) last week, I
mentioned British Summer Time which according to my research does
exist It is the way
that the UK refers to its timezone during the part of the year that
the country goes one hour ahead of GMT.
GMT is an old term and UTC is the new black. The good thing about UTC is
that it does not change, no matter how many timezones the UK skips in
summer (there used to be this thing called "double summer time" ). There are also
plenty of places where there is no summer time (I believe even in the
US). UTC makes sense then (ask the US military about their "zulu time")

In any case, this time stuff is tricky.
It's not that tricky: use UTC and a converter (like ) to calculate your
local timezone :-P


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