SPDX Website and Survey

Philip Odence

Here's some great news about the website and a request for your help with the SPDX survey.

I am pleased to tell you that http://spdx.org/ has been upgraded with a new, superior underlying platform as well as new architecture/look & feel. It should take you about 2 seconds to notice the improvement. The biggest conceptual change is the we have separated the main site from the wiki and upgraded the wiki as well. Now the main site is mainly for purposes of learning and consumption and the wiki is our working area.

Jack Manbeck deserves a ton of credit for driving this change and herding the cats needed to make it happen before the Collaboration Summit. (He's accepting beers in SF next week.) Other worthy beer recipients are Brian Warner from the Linux Foundation and Martin Michlmayr who seamlessly migrated the wiki. Jilayne, Scott, Kate and Gary also participated in the heavy lifting, and credit goes to Ibrahim Haddad for originally convincing us to accept the Foundation's generous offer to help with the site. 

A key part of the business team's agenda is to make sure we systematically collect and utilize industry feedback on an ongoing basis. The first step in that is a survey to help better understand current awareness and adoption of SPDX and to get some insight future plans and what we can do to shape that future.  http://www.spdx.org/survey 

We will be promoting the survey at the Collaboration Summit. Here is how you can help drive further participation:
  1. Please, take the survey yourself. It should require 5-7 minutes of your time. (A good time would be…now. TGIF.) 
  2. Solicit friends, colleagues and other industry contacts. (Feel free to use the text below, if it is helpful)
As you may know, I'm involved with SPDX, an industry standard for exchanging information about software package content and licensing. Please give 5-7 minutes of your time to take a survey which will help the SPDX group assess industry awareness and adoption of SPDX. Even if you know very little about SPDX, the group values your feedback. Thank you in advance.


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