Wiki migration: feedback required

Martin Michlmayr

As part of our migration of the web site to the Linux Foundation, we
decided a few months ago to move the SPDX development area to a proper
wiki (MediaWiki). This will make collaboration easier and offer some
features that have been requested in the past.

I've been working on migrating our existing content over to MediaWiki.
I've finished this work and I'd like to invite feedback on the new wiki:

It would be great if each team leader (with the help of volunteers)
could look through their areas on the new wiki to check if all content
has been migrated properly. I tested everything thoroughly but with
around 380 pages I'm sure I made some mistakes (on the other hand, I
also fixed some formatting issues I found on the current wiki).

If you find any issues, please email me. Do *not* makes fixes on the
wiki as this is just a temporary wiki.

Since this wiki is just a temporary site, feel free to make changes in
order to get familiar with MediaWiki. Here's a page explaining the
MediaWiki syntax: <>
I will prepare a guide on how to use the new wiki before we migrate.
If you make changes to the test wiki, make sure to inform other people
who have volunteered to check the wiki, so your changes won't be
reported as problems with the conversion.

Until we migrate to the new wiki, you can still makes changes to the
current wiki (i.e. nothing changes for now). I'll incorporate any
changes into the new wiki before we migrate officially.

Below are more details for those interest.

Let me know if there are any questions.


## What has been migrated

* All wiki pages (about 380) including their history (past revisions)
* All attachments from wiki pages
* All users who made changes to the wiki (see below for a list)
* No comments (I'll try to look into this later but this is low priority)

## Notes on the conversion

* URLs: I changed all URLs to make them more wiki-like. I tried to use a scheme that makes sense but you can obviously disagree with my choice. The URL scheme uses sub pages to add a hierarchy (like we have on the current site). If the URL scheme doesn't make sense, let me know.
* Past revisions: I performed the conversion in 2 steps: 1) for all historical revisions of a page, I imported the HTML as an exact copy -- this works fairly well but not 100% as MediaWiki doesn't accept all HTML tags (specifically, links). 2) The latest revision of each page has been converted to MediaWiki markup; as a result, the pages are cleaner, easier to edit and look more unified.
* User names: I migrated existing user names (if the user made a wiki edit); if you'd like a more "wiki-style" user name (FirstLast is popular), let me know
* File names: some files had _ in their file name; MediaWiki doesn't like this so I changed _ to -
* HTML attachments: MediaWiki doesn't accept HTML attachments. I put the existing attachments in manually but you won't be able to upload HTML attachments in the future. This may impact the technical team.

## Known Issues

* Attachments can only be downloaded when logged in
* Comments have not been migrated
* I need to write a guide on how to use the new wiki
* There's no WYSIWYG editor on this wiki but there will be one once we migrate
* Category links are not working

## Users that have been migrated

Let me know if you're not listed here but think you should be.

* Adam Cohn
* Bruno Cornec
* bschineller@... -> Bschineller [no @ allowed in MediaWiki user names]
* Eaw
* Fmunoz
* Goneall
* Grouss
* Ibrahimhaddad
* JackM
* Jason Buttura
* Jlovejoy
* Jnweiger
* K.stewart
* Knewcomer
* Kweins
* Mclow
* Mgisi
* Mjherzog
* Pezra
* Phil
* Phil_koltun
* Pierre
* Podence
* Pombredanne
* Rockett
* Slamons
* Stcroppe
* tbm -> MartinMichlmayr

Martin Michlmayr
Open Source Program Office, Hewlett-Packard

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