Re: on the variability of BSD and MIT licenses


I am not sure what the current procedure is, but yeah, we hope that our
study can help improve the matching of BSDs and MITs.


Guillaume> Hi Daniel,
Guillaume> Yes indeed, it looks to be really great regarding SPDX relevance to
Guillaume> adress and describe large scale situation.
Guillaume> I guess you will push some of your recommendation in the Tech/Legal WG
Guillaume> to upgrade
Guillaume> guidelines ?

Guillaume> Season's greatings.

Guillaume> Guillaume

Guillaume> Le 27/12/12 20:31, D M German a écrit :
>> Hi everybody,
>> This term I taught a course on Intellectual Property and Software
>> Development. the students were expected to conduct some research as part
>> of the evaluation. One of them, Trevor Maryka (who I think is also
>> subscribed to this list) took on the problem of trying to determine how
>> 'variable' are the BSD and the MITs and what this means for their
>> standardization under SPDX. he makes a set of recommendations to SPDX
>> (see section 5). I am attaching his paper. It is, in my opinion, very
>> good news for SPDX.
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