Action Required: SPDX 1.1 Press Release

Lamons, Scott (Open Source Program Office) <scott.lamons@...>

Jennifer Cloer (Linux Foundation PR)  and I are finalizing a press release for SPDX 1.1 which will be very similar in structure to what we did for SPDX 1.0 last year.   This is scheduled to hit the wire next Thursday morning (same day as the SPDX Panel Discussion) and we would like to reference companies, projects, and institutions that have been involved in developing, supporting, implementing, or adopting the specification.      If you wish to be listed Jennifer will need your company approval  by close of business (5pm US Pacific time) next Monday 8/27 -- please reply directly to her.     You are also welcome and encouraged to provide a supporting statement as well although Jennifer will retain final decision making on whether it's included or not. 



Scott Lamons

SPDX Business Working Group

HP Open Source Program Office



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