Re: SPDX 1.1 Spec - ready to remove "DRAFT" designation?

Marc-Etienne Vargenau

Le 22/08/2012 15:20, kate.stewart@... a écrit :
In the general meeting tomorrow, would like to survey folks to see if there are any reasons left why we can't remove the "DRAFT" designation, and declare the SPEC as 1.1.

Current DRAFT is at:

If anyone spots any remaining issues, there is a .doc version of the draft at Please turn on change tracking and make the requested changes, then mail me a copy and I'll incorporate and publish another draft.

Last set of changes discussed in the Technical Working group have now been made, all open bugzilla Spec 1.1 targetted bugs have been incorporated, and TM --> (R) changes have been made.

Thanks, Kate

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I have some blocking points.

I will send them ASAP.

Best regards,

Marc-Etienne Vargenau

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