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Please add the 2.0 use cases… 

On Aug 9, 2012, at 11:00 AM, Ibrahim Haddad <ibrahim@...> wrote:

Hi All,

Here's some items that are worth setting up a F2F sometime in Sept or Oct:

a. Review current state of affairs for each sub-team
b. Current challenges, what are we doing about it, and how can we do better 
c. Review and discussion of governance model proposal 
d. Review of what needs to be done to get to SPDX 2.0
e. Division of work among available resources 
f. Planning deliverables and dates for remaining of 2012  
g. Finalize discussion on mission / goals / vision 
h. Decide on roadmap items tentatively for 2012-2013 (Ibrahim will propose)
i. Recruitment (companies - who and how to approach them with Ibrahim - etc) - also please provide list of companies to invite
j. SPDX presence at LF events and other important conferences
h.     Web site? (if not resolved by then)

Some of these may be redundant. But I think with that and with some other items you may have in mind, we have enough
to justify a 1 day F2F if not 1.5 days. 

I will be on travel 3rd and 4th week of Sept. So I am available on first 2 weeks of Sept or first week of Oct. 

Please consider.


Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D.
Director, Technology & Alliances
The Linux Foundation 

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