Re: "Scope" of licenses to be covered by SPDX

Kevin P. Fleming <kpfleming@...>

On 06/28/2012 01:10 PM, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
Other license lists aren't designed to allow for cataloging the details
of a Free Software release, nor are they meant to be grokked by
programs, so they don't need to be perfectly comprehensive. If a
license is missing from SPDX's list, I can't write an accurate SPDX file
for that package, right? Seems like a really big bug in SPDX to me
SPDX files don't require that the licenses they refer to be present in the "SPDX License List". The license that you find in a source file can be represented on its own in the SPDX file. The primary purpose of the license list is to provide consistent names for the commonly used licenses, provide standard texts and (eventually) provide a mechanism for automated matching of license text gathered from source files against these standard licenses.

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