New proposed field for project that a file came from

Kim Weins

I would like to propose a  new field in the file section.  The field would be used to identify the OSS component/package that a file originated from.  This is important since many packages will bundle other packages.  Knowing the license is important, but if you need to do any research on the file, knowing the component is even more important.

I am proposing this would be an Optional field.

OSS Project  
5.6.1 Purpose: Identify the name of the open source package or project where this file originated.
5.6.2 Intent: By providing the open source package, the reader can better identify the source and use it to do further research if needed.
5.6.3 Cardinality: Optional, single instance
5.6.4 Tag: "Project"
5.6.5 RDF: /RDF/SPDXDoc/Describes/File/Project
5.6.6 Data Format: Freeform text string
5.6.7 Example: Project: jUnit


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