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Bruno Cornec <Bruno.Cornec@...>

Kim Weins said on Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 05:05:46PM -0600:

The only issue is that you may get an SPDX file that has something marked as
an "Other" license that is now in the standard license repo. That
shouldn't really be a problem, since all the "Other" licenses will have full
license text in the SPDX file.
Which in fact solves the point I had during the conf call this week.

If the license is known to spdx, then we can point to a uri/url linked
to having it full text. If not, the full text is then embedded,
as long as the license doesn't become official, in which case, it can be
further offloaded from the SPDX file.

Meaning we could have:

File A has Std license: ""
File B has Other license embedded "this is the free beer license..."

Thus keeping duplication to a minimum.
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