Re: TR: SPDX standard: files are placed in public domain

Bradley M. Kuhn <bkuhn@...>

Kevin Fleming wrote at 17:05 (EDT) on Friday:
[An] SPDX file consists almost exclusively of data collected from
original sources, and copyright law.... doesn't provide my copyright
protection at all for aggregation of otherwise available data. In
essence, an SPDX file may not adequately constitute a 'work of
authorship' that warrants copyright protection.
I'd suspect strongly that there *is* an arrangement copyright on the
arrangement someone makes. I hope SPDX has done something to deal with
this fact.

Arrangement copyrights are usually pretty thin, but I do think that
arranging data into an SPDX file is a creative expression. It's clear
from reading the spec that there's different ways to arrange the same
data into an SPDX file.
-- bkuhn

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