Re: Compilation of SPDX tools

Gary O'Neall

Hi Marc-Etienne,

There is a more recent version at This page
will become active once the new website is up and running. Let me know if
you have any trouble accessing the page.

The most recent checked in code is a bit in flux as we have not completely
nailed down the SPDX 1.1 changes. Once we finalize the 1.1 spec, I'll
compile and upload a 1.1 compliant version of the tools.

BTW - If you use an Eclipse development environment, there is project meta
data checked in which will allow the code to be compiled in the IDE.


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The compiled version et the Java tools in this page:
is rather old compared to the source code found in;a=summary

Can someone please compile the latest source code and upload the result to
the tools page?

I tried to compile it myself but did not succeed.
The Gem from my Ubuntu seems to be incompatible.

Thank for yor help.


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