TR: SPDX standard: files are placed in public domain


Dear all, once again on a different topic within our current effort in implementing the SPDX standard.


Here it is a licensing issue.


I am not very comfortable with the licensing issue for the data when using the standard. See the quick Analysis of Barry below our Senior attorney on IP issues and I have a quick chat today with him on that subject.


I am not very happy that data must be made in public domain. For the following reasons:

-  ALU should not be responsible of the data if we export it. And I understand that ther e is a clause that loow us to do exception (ALU name not exported with the data, but it should be the other way around by default any export file should not imply any responsibility from exporting company).

- if by mischance there are some comments which we will not want to share with the rest of the world. It should be protected by the licensing conditions.


Legally speaking implementing a format that implies some obligation on the data is unclear.


So my question is what is the rational for these licensing conditions and can we alleviate them a bit?


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De : Freedman, Barry H (Barry)
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Objet : RE: SPDX standard: files are placed in public domain


Michel and all:  I have looked at the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License 1.0 (“PDDL-1.0”), which is the license for SPDX 1.0, and also

Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license, which is the license for SPDX1.1.  They are both essentially the same, in that they place the SPDX file itself in the public domain, meaning that we have no further copyright rights therein.  But, both versions also make it clear that we can temporarily or permanently limit, by a separate and independent agreement, recipients from (i) distribution of a specific aggregation (collection) of SPDX files to others or (ii) disclosing ALU  as the source and/or creator of any specific SPDX file(s).


So, we need to be comfortable that the SPDX file itself (including comments in the file) does not contain anything that we do not want to dedicate.  Perhaps we can discuss this further at the next FOSS EC meeting.


Let me know if there are questions.  Thx. Barry



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