Re: Clarification regarding "FSF legal network" (was Re: Import and export function of SPDX)


You are right it is FTFE legal network.
If I provided our FOSS clause to SPDX it was illustrate the use case, I know that the discussion on this subject should be in FTFE mailing list.

By the way with the discussion in SPDX, I am now convinced that we need to add these two fields to our database. However to cope with legacy the import/export function might provide a solution when these field are blank

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Objet : Clarification regarding "FSF legal network" (was Re: Import and export function of SPDX)

Jilayne Lovejoy wrote:

In regards to your the FSF legal network
Just for clarification: the FSF doesn't have a legal network, to my

I believe you are likely referring to the highly secretive entity called
FTFE-legal, which appears to have some (albeit unclear) affiliation with a
different organization called FSF Europe. While I am indeed unclear on what
FTFE-legal's relationship to FSF Europe is, I am quite sure FTFE-legal has no
affiliation with FSF whatsoever.

Nevertheless, please do feel free to correct me if I have any of those facts
wrong. That's my understanding, having discussed this issue extensively with
FSF leadership.

-- bkuhn
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