Re: Questions on SPDX 1.0

Gary O'Neall

Thanks Marc - I corrected the tools page per your message below.

In terms of case sensitive - I don't recall any discussion on this relative
to the entire file. I know that some of the specific fields (such as
verification code) specify case sensitivity, but only for that field.


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Le 29/05/2012 18:44, Gary O'Neall a écrit :
Hi Marc-Etienne,

Responses inline below

Hello Gary,

Thank you for your quick answer.
Responses inline also.

1) Is there a tool that check the syntactic validity of a file?
[Gary] The SPDX Viewer tool found at will do some
validation on a file

2) Is there a tool that converts one format to the other?
[Gary] There are conversion tools on the same website. These are Java
based command line tools. Let me know if you have any
questions/problems with the tools.
I had overlooked this page.
In page I would replace "Rdf to XMLversion 0.9.6" by
"Rdf to HTMLversion 0.9.6"

4) In the FAQ, licence examples are given as:
Apache-2.0 AND MIT AND GPL-2.0

From the spec, I consider it should be:
(GPL-2.0 or MIT)
(Apache-2.0 and MIT and GPL-2.0)

Parentheses are missing?
"and" and "or" should be lower case?

[Gary] Great catch - I updated the FAQ's page to match the spec
Is an SPDX file case-sensitive or not? Is this explained somewhere?

Best regards,


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