Questions on SPDX 1.0

Marc-Etienne Vargenau


I am trying to understand the SPDX 1.0 spec so that I can
export our FOSS database in SPDX format.

I have the following questions:

The are two formats, one in text and one in XML/RDF.

1) Is there a tool that check the syntactic validity of a file?

2) Is there a tool that converts one format to the other?

3) In the FAQ:

the sentence:
"You may choose to use software tools that can scan software and validate the accuracy of the SPDX file."
appears twice. Why?

4) In the FAQ, licence examples are given as:
Apache-2.0 AND MIT AND GPL-2.0

From the spec, I consider it should be:
(GPL-2.0 or MIT)
(Apache-2.0 and MIT and GPL-2.0)

Parentheses are missing?
"and" and "or" should be lower case?

Thank you for your help.


Marc-Etienne Vargenau
Alcatel-Lucent France, Route de Villejust, 91620 NOZAY, FRANCE
+33 (0)1 30 77 28 33, Marc-Etienne.Vargenau@...

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