Agenda for tomorrow's legal work group call

Jilayne Lovejoy <jilayne.lovejoy@...>

Well, better late than never :)

Wednesday, 16 May Legal Work Group call, 8am PST / 11am EST
Dial-in: 1.866.740.1260
Access: 240 4545

Agenda: (from last call's meeting minutes)

1. SPDX total vision: review Adam's proposed text to discuss on next call - done on Business Team call last week - any need to further discuss here, or leave to that next call?

2. Legal Group vision/description:  draft vision/goals statement for legal group and discuss - PAUL

"The SPDX Legal Team supports the SPDX working groups by providing recommendations to the SPDX working groups regarding licensing issues for the specification itself; providing input that will result in increased legal certainty of the licensing attributes of open source projects; maintain the SPDX License List; and to promote the SPDX specification to the legal community at-large."

3. SPDX License List description:  draft vision/goals statement for license list and discuss  - JILAYNE

"The SPDX License List is a list of commonly found open source software licenses for the purposes of being able to easily and efficiently identify such licenses in an SPDX document. The SPDX License List includes a standardized short identifier and full name for each license, as well as other basic information. By providing a short identifier, SPDX creators (as well as others beyond SPDX) can efficiently refer to a license without having to redundantly reproduce the full license. The SPDX website ( maintains the full text of each license on the SPDX License List. In keeping with the overall goal of the SPDX project, no interpretation of the licenses has been made and the SPDX Licenses List endeavors to only provide a factual list of licenses and short identifiers that can be consistently relied upon by users of the list."

4. Review current to-do list - just updated, see and note anything that's missing (need to go over and prioritize on subsequent call) – ALL

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