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Philip Odence


Interesting you should ask, I just pinged Esteban for an update on this
earlier in the week. He and Motorola were pursuing on behalf of the Linux
Foundation (the holder of the marks). As of last summer, Software Package
Data Exchange had been registered, but SPDX had not, so it was correct to
use the (R) with the former and (TM) with the latter. I assume I would
have heard if the status had changed, but as I say am in the process of

Rockett or I will get back to the list, if/when there is a change.
Otherwise assume status quo.


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On 3/29/12 4:17 AM, "D M German" <dmg@...> wrote:

Hi everybody,

I am curious, why if "SPDX" is a registered trademark in the US (I just
checked--not in canada, by the way) then there is the requirement to
postfix it with "TM" and not with (R) as is the case with the full name:
"Software Package Data Exchange (R)"


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