Special SPDX Adoption Meeting on Thursday - PLEASE READ


Just talked to Phil and he asked me to to clarify,  meeting is on THURSDAY, not Wednesday as in original title.  Apologies for the confusion.


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Subject: Special SPDX Adoption Meeting on Wednesday - PLEASE READ
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Kim is out next week, so in the time normally reserved for the Business Team meeting, we will have a dedicated discussion about an important topic that came up in the General Meeting: Adoption of SPDX. I encourage members of all teams to attend, if possible.

Before the upcoming public gatherings at which we will be presenting SPDX Collaboration Summit and the Forum, we want to get as much alignment as possible on the way we will talk about adoption and the SPDX roadmap. A couple specifics we discussed in the Thursday call:
  • While we all feel that V1.0 is a great step forward, some companies are feeling like they can not adopt SPDX until the 2.0 release which will add hierarchy and signing capability.
  • There's been a lot of discussion over the last few months in the Business and Tech Teams about backward compatibility. In any development process, this requirement is a constraint on the next release. On the other hand, adopters of software (and specs) want the future comfort of a dedication to backward compatibility. For a variety of reasons, there has been a ton of great work, but little production adoption of 1.0. With 2.0 slated for release in August (fingers crossed), it's reasonable to revisit how strongly we want to emphasize backward compatibility.
Should be a very interesting discussion and an important one to air before the upcoming meetings. An hour is short, so I don't expect detailed resolution, but we can make progress in that direction and get gauge sufficient to help speakers at the events represent the organization.

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