SPDX lists moving to LF

Martin Michlmayr

As part of our integration with the Linux Foundation, the SPDX lists
are moving to LF infrastructure. The lists are moving from FOSSBazaar
to <http://lists.spdx.org/> which is hosted by the LF. Apart from one
minor change, you won't notice any changes though.

If you filter based on the List-Id, please note that the List-Id
will change from name.fossbazaar.org to name.lists.spdx.org. For
List-Id: Software Package Data Exchange <spdx.fossbazaar.org>
will change to:
List-Id: Software Package Data Exchange <spdx.lists.spdx.org>

In the future, please use spdx@... to send email to the
list (same for spdx-tech@..., etc) but the old
spdx* at fossbazaar.org addresses will continue to work.

The mailing list information and archives at https://fossbazaar.org/mailman/listinfo
will automatically redirect to the new pages on http://lists.spdx.org/

These changes will become affective as of today at 10:00 PT (15:00 UTC).
There won't be any disruption to the operation of the lists.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Thanks to Eric Searcy from the Linux Foundation for his help moving
the lists!

Martin Michlmayr
Open Source Program Office, Hewlett-Packard

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