Re: Logistics for visitors to the Bay Area getting to the SPDX Forum on April 6


Kevin and Guillaume,

As you can tell, we have public transit in the Bay Area, but it is not particularly well coordinated across systems. I suspect that the best approach will be some combination of public transit and car-pooling with colleagues which we should be able to arrange during the Linux Summit (and we hope that there will be more people coming to the SPDX forum from out of town who have not yet figured out the logistical challenge).

A specific suggestion is to take SF Muni / Caltrain to Mountain View or a similar stop on the Peninsula and one of us who lives nearby could pick you up on our way to Cisco. For time, the best approach is to take one of the Express trains. I am pretty sure that I could pick up some colleagues this way but I may not have room for four.

cheers, Michael

On 3/12/2012 12:55 PM, Guillaume Rousseau wrote:
Le 12/03/12 17:31, Kevin P. Fleming a écrit :
Hopefully this isn't an inappropriate usage of this mailing list...

Two of us from Digium will be coming to the Bay Area to participate in the LF Collaboration Summit and SPDX events. We'll be staying near Union Square and aren't planning to have a rental vehicle since nearly all of our activities in the Bay Area can be reached via public transit.

However, the SPDX Forum in San Jose is not practical to reach via public transit from downtown San Francisco (two hours each way, it appears, twice as long as driving). We could of course rent a vehicle for that day, but that seems a bit wasteful since it would be parked nearly all day.

I'm posting this here in hopes that someone might offer up a creative solution (or two, or three). If there are other non-Bay Area participants who will be in the same situation, we could try to arrange some ride-sharing. If anyone who lives in the area would be willing to offer carpool services (we'd be happy to offset the costs) that would work as well.
Philippe and me will be in the same situation
No idea up to now about the best solution.

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