Re: Logistics for visitors to the Bay Area getting to the SPDX Forum on April 6

Kevin P. Fleming <kpfleming@...>

On 03/12/2012 01:54 PM, Kim Weins wrote:
There is the Caltrain. From Union Square it's a long-ish walk to the train
station or you can take a quick cab ride.

There is light rail in San Jose that goes right up Tasman drive by Cisco.
I'll check into whether it goes to the San Jose Caltrain station -- I assume
it does.

By the time you do the walk/train/light rail it will be a fairly lengthy
trip, although driving at that time in the morning can be pretty heavy
traffic as well.
Right... those of us not familiar with left coast rush hour think that more than an hour to get some place for a meeting is excessive :-)

You could also head down to San Jose Thursday night and stay at a hotel
closer to the location of the Forum.
Since there others in the same situation, I'm thinking Caltrain to the San Jose Caltrain Station and then a shared taxi to the Cisco campus is probably the most practical choice. Google Maps says the taxi ride should be 20 minutes or so, so that would make the whole journey somewhere around 75 minutes, which is not awful.

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