Re: shout out re: SPDX RDF 'sub-group'

Gary O'Neall

Tuesday 11AM eastern (8AM pacific) works for me.


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Subject: shout out re: SPDX RDF 'sub-group'

SPDX colleagues:
As per the last con-call, here's a shout out to those who wish to
collaborate outside of the current bi-weekly calls to focus on the details
of the RDF representation of an SPDX document.

I've called out individually

peter.williams AT
Jeff AT
gary AT
Bruno.Cornec AT

who I remember commenting on RDF specifics, and thus may form a 'quorum'
to get started, but anyone else who would like to be on this sub-group
please let me know.

Would you like to participate in a separate concall - I'm proposing
Tuesday Sept 7 at 11am Boston time? (same time as the bi-weekly calls, to
permit possibility of spanning CA-MA-Europe)

Sampling of issues to tackle:
working examples / tools
Jeff promised an update?
Gary's github repo for 'prettyprinter'
use of ontology to check integrity constraints ?
extensibility / relationship to DOAP
namespace rules / URI generation conventions
permanent URLs for licenses RDF (PURL)
license RDF (use rdfa ??)

Please respond on your availability and interest - I'd like to have a
'quorum' on our first call, and from there work out how best to collaborate.


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