Info on SPDX participation at LF Collab Summit (April 3-5)

Kim Weins

Hi all,

Here are the details that are shaping up for the Collab Summit.  The schedule is not finalized, so there could be some changes, but here is what we know as of now.

  • We will have an SPDX overview session (presented by Mark Gisi) most likely as part of the legal track on Wednesday.
    • Legal track is being organized by Bradley Kuhn
  • We may get an opportunity to be part of the keynote (still TBD)
  • We will have a room all day Thursday for our face-to-face meetings
  • We are trying to get a smaller room for the tech team for a half day on Wed..  We're not sure if we will get this or not.  If we do, it will be at the same time as the Legal track on Wednesday -- so you would have to choose between the legal track or the tech team meeting.

LF should be posting the schedule next week on the website.

We will need to develop an agenda for what we want to cover on Thursday.  I assume we will want some time for each of the workstreams.


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