Re: Recommend Changing SPDX License Identifier for Eclipse PublicLicense 1.0 to "Eclipse-1.0"


For what it is worth, my experience is that people affiliated with Eclipse in some way refer to it as EPL, but that "casual" people who come across it in another context (e.g., commonly in diligence) don't use the acronym, and instead refer to it as the Eclipse license or something along those lines.

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FWIW, It is certainly news to me that people refer to the EPL as "Eclipse". I have universally heard it referred to as the EPL. I have literally never heard it referred to as Eclipse.


I don't have a strong feeling about this one way or another. I just find it surprising that my experience is so contrary to yours.


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Subject: Recommend Changing SPDX License Identifier for Eclipse Public License 1.0 to "Eclipse-1.0"


Hello SPDX license list interested parties,


I would like to propose that we change the License Identifier for the Eclipse Public License 1.0 on the SPDX License List from “EPL-1.0” to “Eclipse-1.0”. 


I suggest this because “Eclipse” is how the license is commonly referred to. 


Secondarily, I have recently received 2 calls when documents referred to EPL-1.0, and the Identifier was simply not visually recognized by the user (yes, they could have clicked the link, but if Eclipse is the common usage, let’s go with it unless there is a cost).    


Any concerns?






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