Re: Recommend Changing SPDX License Identifier for Eclipse PublicLicense 1.0 to "Eclipse-1.0"

Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...>

I've only ever heard it referenced as the EPL.

On Feb 29, 2012, at 8:04 PM, "Richard Fontana" <rfontana@...> wrote:

FWIW, I don't think I've ever encountered "Eclipse" meaning "Eclipse
Public License". Always EPL or the full expanded name.

- Richard

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 07:48:09PM -0600, Tom Incorvia wrote:
Thanks Mike,

The Eclipse Foundation certainly gets the big vote regarding how their license
is referred to.

My experience is primarily commercial ISVs in the tools space, about a dozen,
ranging in yearly revenue from $50M to $500M. In written correspondence over a
period of several years, the phrase "Eclipse 1.0" is used more than 15x "EPL
1.0". The folks using the ”Eclipse 1.0” term have included many substantial
contributors to the Eclipse project (for instance, Borland Software).

Let’s let this cook for one more day.

If the feedback continues as it has, I’ll simply withdraw the request. Like
you, I am surprised at the disparity in usage of the abbreviated term – I
rarely see EPL, and assumed that this suggestion would pass through the SPDX
group as more of an FYI.

Thanks again -- it is great to have community postings so the broadest view is


Tom Incorvia


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License 1.0 to "Eclipse-1.0"


FWIW, It is certainly news to me that people refer to the EPL as "Eclipse". I
have universally heard it referred to as the EPL. I have literally never heard
it referred to as Eclipse.

I don't have a strong feeling about this one way or another. I just find it
surprising that my experience is so contrary to yours.

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Subject: Recommend Changing SPDX License Identifier for Eclipse Public License
1.0 to "Eclipse-1.0"

Hello SPDX license list interested parties,

I would like to propose that we change the License Identifier for the Eclipse
Public License 1.0 on the SPDX License List from “EPL-1.0” to “Eclipse-1.0”.

I suggest this because “Eclipse” is how the license is commonly referred to.

Secondarily, I have recently received 2 calls when documents referred to
EPL-1.0, and the Identifier was simply not visually recognized by the user
(yes, they could have clicked the link, but if Eclipse is the common usage,
let’s go with it unless there is a cost).

Any concerns?



Tom Incorvia


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