SAVE THE DATE: SPDX Forum April 6 in San Jose

Kim Weins

Hi All

The Biz Team has been planning a meeting targeted at potential SPDX users.  The idea is to begin to socialize companies to the ideas of SPDX and get them thinking about how it can help them in their compliance programs.  

Below are some  of the details of the meeting and agenda.  Please mark your calendars to save the date.  The meeting is the  day after the Collab Summit.  We hope to have registration up by the end of February.  If you are at an end user company, we will also want you to invite a few of your suppliers and/or customers to attend.


SPDX Forum: Managing Open Source Software Licenses with Suppliers and Customers
  •  Friday April 6 in Bay Area
    • Location: Cisco in San Jose
    • 9-3 (last bit is networking)
    • Room will fit 60-75 people

  • Agenda (Rough)
    • Stage Setting on OSS Compliance - 40 minutes
      • Stats, quotes, what are companies doing today, define the problem - Mark Radcliffe?
    • Discussion: The Challenges of OSS Compliance Today 30 mins
      • Discussion at tables and then present info to the group
    • SPDX Primer:  What is SPDX and How Can it Help - 40 mins
      • SPDX team
    • End User Panel: How SPDX fits into a Corporate Compliance Program -- 1 hrs
      • Cisco, HP, WindRiver
    • Getting Started with SPDX preso  40 minutes  (over lunch)
      • SPDX structure
      • Spreadsheet
      • License List
      • SPDX Tooling
    • Discussion:  Challenges and Approaches to Implementing SPDX - 30 minutes
    • What's Next for SPDX - Interactive session - 30 minute
      • Preso on what's on the table and hot issues
      • Q&A /Discussion
    • Invitation to paticipate in SPDX
  • Target Invitees
    • People involved with OSS Compliance activities
      • compliance, procurement/supply chain, legal,
    • Embedded sw or ISVs
    • Include smaller software suppliers, not just bigger people
  • Invitations
    • LF lists  (mailing ahead of time, invite at conference)
    • Jim Zemlin (reach out to LF members)
    • Smaller people thru VCs (Gary)
    • Mark Radcliffe
    • SPDX members - invite suppliers and or customers
  • Could we webcast?  Might be a cost? - Steve will check into it

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