Re: Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software (ADMS.F/OSS) project

Philip Odence

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Olivier, we will take a look at it.

On Jan 11, 2012, at 11:39 AM, "Olivier Berger" <olivier.berger@...> wrote:


I'm not sure this is known to participants of SPDX, and haven't been
involved myself in ADMS.F/OSS, but I though there could be quite some
overlap between both.

FYI, feel free to check : and maybe try to
talk to them about SPDX.

"ADMS.F/OSS is an XML and RDF vocabulary to describe software, in
particular free and open-source software (F/OSS), making it possible to
more easily search and discover software. The ADMS.F/OSS specification
is still under development."

It is developped in the frame of an EC (European Community) programme
for interoperability between public administrations (more on the page

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
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