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Kim Weins

Hi John

We have 3 main workstreams - technical, legal and business. Each has a
separate mailing list and meeting schedule. We also have the general
mailing list and meeting where we bring together all 3 topics.

If your feedback is about the specifics of the spec itself, then you can
probably start with the tech mailing list (spdx-tech@...). They
will respond and can give you some idea of whether your requests are already
on the radar or not.

If it's more general, you can share it with the general mailing list (the
one you used for this email).

Add yourself to mailing lists here:

If you'd prefer to talk via phone, let me know and we can do a quick call to
get you plugged into the right people and areas.

We also have a general meeting tomorrow (11ET), so you are welcome to attend
and bring your issues up there.
Call in number: 866-740-1260
ID: 2404502

Kim Weins
Lead for SPDX Business Workstream

On Wed 1/11/12 10:38 AM, "John Sullivan" <johns@...> wrote:

Hi folks,

The Free Software Foundation is interested in SPDX and possibly using it
for an upcoming project. But, we have a few issues we'd like to talk
about where we think there could be some improvements. What's the best
way and place for me to communicate those?


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