Re: SPDX at Eclipsecon 2012 - BOF Session

Samuel Langlois <samuel.langlois@...>

Thank you Mahshad for organizing the BoF at EclipseCon.

I think the goal of this BoF is to gather as many people as possible,
to gain more visibility for SPDX... and bring more companies in!

If you are interested, Antelink can help trigger the discussion, by
presenting briefly what SPDX is, making a few demos of the tools
and explaining how it can be integrated into the development process.
Will be possible to show some slides in the room?

About the title, I would go with the following, so that everyone feels interested:
"Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX): what it is, and what is happening with it."

Thanks and best regards


So, here is the summary of what we could do at EclipseCon 2012 - tx to Mike
Milinkovich and Anne Jacko of Eclipse.

a) We have a tentative timeslot for 7 pm on Wednesday 28th March, right
after an Eclipse reception.

b) They need to know the numbers- how many people we expect to attend the
BOF- so they can get the right room for us. The cut-off is 15th January.

c) Once we have an indication of the BOF participants, then we can
socialize it (through spdx channels/tweets/blogs). Also Ian, of Eclipse
marketing, will help us spread the word through Eclipse blogs, newsletters
etc (thank you Ian).

Questions I need help with:

1) What's the best way to see how many will be interested in attending
the BOF? A poll throughspdxxxxx at fossbazaar <>? Any other channels we could

2) BOF session title? How about "What's Happening with SPDX"? (in fact
better to expand SPDX in case there are still souls out there that do not
know). A better, more catchy title, would help!

Samuel Langlois
CTO - Antelink
18 rue Yves Toudic - 75010 Paris

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