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Kim Weins

Hi everyone

I wanted to share a couple of updates from the biz team that are relevant for everyone.

    • We got an update for the web team.  Setting up the hierarchy for the new website has taken a bit longer, but should be ready by next Thursday’s General Meeting (1/12).  At that time, we will get out instructions on how to move content.

    • Idea for a meeting to socialize SPDX to more companies in the supply chain
      • I talked with Mark Radcliffe over the holidays and we came up with the idea of having a seminar/meeting that is targeted at companies in the supply chain that are potential users of SPDX.  
      • The goal would be to socialize SPDX more broadly and to engage more companies in using SPDX as part of their compliance processes.  
      • We are thinking of a 1/2 to 3/4 day meeting in the Bay Area, potentially scheduled right after the LF Collaboration Summit.  
      • We plan to discuss this idea more at the general meeting next week — so come with your ideas and thoughts.

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