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Kim Weins

Hi all

We have created a list of potential events where we would like to have a talk on SPDX.  We will create a few abstracts that anyone can use (or modify).  It would also be helpful to have talks about use cases from some of the end user members of SPDX.

If you are planning to be at one of these events (or an event that's not listed)  and would like to submit a talk on SPDX, please let Kim know kim.weins@....  We’ll try to coordinate so that we can cover as many events as possible.

This list is also available at http://www.spdx.org/wiki/events-2012

  • LF
    • Android Builder/Embedded – Feb CA
    • Collab Summit – Apr CA -- Kim to submit a talk
    • Enterprise Summit – May NY
    • LinuxCon Japan – Jun Yokohama
    • LinuxCon NA – Aug San Diego
    • LinuxCon Europe – Nov Barcelona
  • Others
    • DebConf Jul 2012 Nicaragua
    • OSCON – Jul Portland -- 
    • ApacheCOn – Nov  -  Scott Lamons willing to speak
    • EclipseCon – Mar DC
    • FUDCon – Jan VA
    • Open World Forum -- Fall Paris?

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