Re: SPDX and the Collaboration Summit

Kim Weins

The Biz Team will take responsibility for getting a speaking slot at the key
events. We'll of course be asking for volunteers who will be at various
events to do the speaking. I can do the Collab Summit one.

And yes, I think we should do a F2F there.


On Thu 12/15/11 6:47 AM, "Martin Michlmayr" <tbm@...> wrote:

We had a very productive SPDX meeting at the Collaboration Summit
earlier this year. In 2012, the Collaboration Summit will take place
from April 3 to 5 (again in San Francisco but at a different hotel).

Are we planning to have another face to face meeting in April?

The CFP is currently open and if we want to have a room for a SPDX
meeting we should request one:

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