Re: status of git repositories?

Jeff Licquia

On 11/26/2011 11:29 AM, Peter Bigot wrote:
I see from email earlier this month that there was some sort of
problem which explains why the tools page link to;a=tree does not work
(it comes back with "no such project"). I'd also somewhere run across
minutes from a meeting a couple months ago suggesting the tools were
going to be split into separate Python and Java repositories, so
perhaps the link is simply out of date.

Are these tools still available anywhere, or will they be restored anytime soon?
Yes; the Linux Foundation is still restoring services after the security
breach we had a while back. While a lot has been restored, we're still
ironing out some of the kinks.

You may have better luck with the following link:;a=summary

If you find any other things that are hard to find, let us know.
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