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Martin Michlmayr

I'm happy to say that is back. Here is a status update.

What works:

- Web site: (as well as are back.
You should have received an email already on how to reset your

- Mailing lists: all spdx lists (spdx, spdx-tech, spdx-legal
and spdx-biz) are working again; see
for archives and more information. If you have subscribed to
an SPDX list in the past, you are already subscribed; there's
no need to re-subscribe.

Questions and input needed:

- I performed an audit of the code (i.e. the software behind our
web site). I also looked at the web site and it seems that
everything looks ok. However, if you notice any problems with
the web site, the mailing lists or anything else, let me know.
We had to re-install everything, so it's possible that there
are some problems I'm not aware of.

- I was asked to install mediawiki a few months ago but afaik this
was not used at all. I've therefore no plans to install it... is
this ok or do you need it? (Note: this is not the wiki at but a separate wiki that Tom Callaway requested)

- Sandbox (we had a test site where Steve Cropper and others were
working on a new design of the web site): I emailed Steve to see
what the requirements are.

Things I cannot help with:

- The bug tracker and the git repos are on LF infrastructure and not
done by me. I don't have an estimate on when they'll be back.
Kate is already in contact with the LF admins on this, however.

Any questions or problems - please let me know.


P.S. Thanks to Jeff Licquia and Eric Searcy from the Linux Foundation
for their help getting things back.

Martin Michlmayr
Open Source Program Office, Hewlett-Packard

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