Re: Names of licenses we currently support / where should license text live?


The problem is that except for licenses like GPL or Apache2 a lot of licenses MIT, BSD, Apache1.1 contain a part which is different from one license to another (such as the copyright and for old BSD the acknowledgement). And most licenses contain the obligation to propagate the copyright/license. So if you do not keep a copy of such license, the day you want to properly package your product with hundreds of open sources, you have again to do the job to look for most licenses.

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Peter> Once a license is "approved" and placed in the repo it should be
Peter> immutable. That way there is no chance of the text changing once the
Peter> license name is in use.

Perhaps this is a good reason to go minimalistic in the very first
version (perhaps even not include ANY license at all). As people use the
draft it will become more clear what are the challenges of including
licenses in the standard, and potential pitfalls.

After all, if the license is not spdx-named, then it will have to be
included verbatim in the XML doc, which is not a bad thing. It can be
pragmatically upgraded once SPDX decides what licenses to include.


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